Dope on The Table

Dope on The Table is a weekly audio podcast that is broadcasted through a variety of platforms which includes Spotify and Apple Music. It is hosted by Jeff “Jayo” Ligondé, Alex “AP’’ Pétion & Anshley “Mr. Sley” Ligondé. They all share different experiences but share a common goal which is to shift the many narratives that exist within black culture.


With a lack of representation in the Montreal media sphere and a need for more faces that resemble our own, Jayo decided to create a platform where the community could join in on the many discussions that the three (3) of them have off-air. Their first episode was released in January of 2019 and they have been consistently releasing weekly episodes ever since. 

The subject matter is varied, and it ranges from music to social issues, news to sports and all things in between.