Egbert Gaye

Montreal Community Contact

A graduate of Concordia University School of Journalism, Egbert Gaye is the founder and managing editor of Montreal Community CONTACT, a newspaper serving Quebec’s Black and Caribbean community. Over the past 26 years, the CONTACT published fortnightly, has grown into an institutional force providing Montrealers with news and information relevant to the diverse community of Blacks that constitute 3% of the population of Quebec, the third largest cultural group in the province.  


More importantly, in keeping with Egbert’s commitment to education and activism Community CONTACT has been a training ground for young and aspiring journalists and writers from various communities across Montreal, all of whom at one time or another have brought their unique perspectives to conversations about our community.  Egbert also sees the Community Contact, part of the strong Ethnic media in Canada, as a powerful tool to project positive aspects and images of the Black Communities that are often cast in negative light by mainstream media outlets.


Egbert also works as a political commentator at CJAD Radio 800 AM and at City Life on Videotron’s MA TV. His unique and oft-times controversial positions on a range of political and social issues have made him a distinct voice in Montreal. He is also a strong advocate for the development and political empowerment of the Quebec’s Black and Caribbean community.