Click for culture

Freddy Lloyd was born and raised in Montreal by Haitian parents and hip-hop culture. Evolving in a diverse environment but then always ending his days within a Haitian home 

has given him an interesting perspective on things. As a communication graduate, he dabbled in to numerous ventures before jumping head on into podcasting. He holds a passion for conversation and understanding point of views and opinions. 

Freddy curates other platforms but at the end it comes down to creating spaces where culture Is presented with no filter or additives. 


Click for culture would not be what it is without videographer; J.D. A blue collar worker, High school teacher, Video producer and former student athlete from Montreal-North. As a member of the board of the non profit organization “Nos Jeunes à Coeur”, J.D. Mathieu helps kids in his community by teaching them life lessons, values and principles through sports.