Kay & Them

Sok Kay, by her real name Emmy Landre, 26,  is a podcaster / radio host.

Born in Paris, with a French caribbean (Guadeloupe) background she is describing the world from her own lens.

She moved to Montreal in 2015 to study at Concordia University and started podcasting in 2017.

She is hosting the Kay & Them podcast in which she has diverse conversations showcasing different perspective of life as a black millenial. 

She was inspired to start this after listening to the Joe Budden podcast which was named “I’ll name this podcast later” at the time and being interested in the ability to convey ideas and start conversations and debate through audio.

She is also a co-host on the Morning Detour radio show on CKUT 90.3FM every Friday from 7 to 9am, where she does the Industry news segment, that basically keeps the city updated on what is going on in the Hip Hop world and in everything related to it.

She always had love for Hip Hop and always wanted to have a career in radio/media/entertainment and music. This is a dream she is working hard to make it come to life.